The Bill of Rights proposes that a person aged 18 years is free to marry

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THE Bill of Rights proposes that a person who is 19 years of age or

older has the right to choose a spouse of the opposite sex and marry.

And the Bill, under the Enforcement of Bill of Rights in the Report on

Realisation of Rights and Freedoms, has proposed that the President

shall each year when addressing the National Assembly report on

measures taken by the State in the realisation of the BR.

The proposal in the Bill is a departure from the 18 years threshold

prescribed as the official minimum marriage age in the current


The BR will be subject of the August 11 referendum and will be

conducted alongside the general elections.

The BR, which has been published in the press, also proposes that the

State shall ensure the right of women to adequate maternity leave and

ensure the availability of adequate paternity leave.

It also proposes that older members of society have the right to

personal development, independent living and social protection as


“The State shall recognise and protect the family as the natural and

fundamental unit of society and the necessary basis of the social


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