The Electoral Commission of Zambia should provide guidance on the holding of rallies in Chiefdoms, says David Kapoma

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GOVERNANCE Activist David

Kapoma says the Electoral

Commission of Zambia should

provide guidance on the holding of

rallies in chiefdoms.

Commenting on Chief Mpezeni’s

decision to ban unauthorized

rallies in his chiefdom, Mr.

Kapoma said it was not

appropriate for traditional leaders

to meddle in politics.

“The involvement of chiefs in

politics is interference in the

electoral process. Political parties

are free to hold rallies and

campaign meetings in any part of

the country provided it is during

the campaign periods,” Mr.

Kapoma said.

“Chiefs have no right to stop

political party from holding rallies.

Zambia is a democratic state and

therefore everyone should observe

the law and avoid interfering in the


Mr. Kapoma said the job of the

chiefs was to create a conducive

environment and receive any

politician that visits their


He said allowing the chiefs to take

charge shows weakness on the

part of the government and the

Electoral Commission of Zambia.

Mr. Kapoma said ECZ should

ensure that they implement the law

accordingly and ensure that

politicians are given the platform

to explain their manifestos to the

people in a free and friendly


And Mr. Kapoma said it was

unfortunate that some chiefs have

stated engaging in politics when

their role is to serve the interest of

the people in their chiefdoms.

“I am wondering why ECZ has

remained quiet when they are

supposed to provide guidance and

ensure that the electoral code of

conduct is observed by everyone. It

will be very difficult to have free

and fair elections if the ECZ allows

the situation to remain the way it

is. Chiefs must realise that as

traditional leaders they are not

supposed to involve themselves in

politics. Chiefs represent people

that belong to different political

parties and therefore must not be

seen to be partisan,” said Mr.Kapoma.


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