The End Is Here And Bushiri Is The Devil’s Advocate?

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A certain pastor in Harare, Zimbabwe claims the world will end on 22 December 2016 after a few saints of God are ruptured.

Pastor Gift Njanje said an angel appeared and spoke to him one night when he was praying in his bedroom.

“The angel of God appeared and told me we are living in the last days. Any day, any hour, any minute in a twinkling of an eye, the few saith of God will be ruptured and woe to those who will be left behind because all the demons from hell shall be set free to torment you.” said Pastor Gift.

Pastor Gift also claims the angel told him of a third world war that will soon happen caused by Russia and America.

“False prophets are everywhere, they are deceiving people, they don’t want to tell them the truth. They are after money not redemption. Bushiri is one of the devil’s advocates, instead of telling people time is no more, its time to turn to Christ, he is busy preaching about prosperity. The end is here, it’s time people know the truth. The time to preach about prosperity has passed, it’s time to preach about lost souls and how they can be saved from this great falling away generation.” These were pastor Gift Njanje’s words.

His followers claim he is a true man of God, signs and wonders always happen in his ministries. “He is after lost souls not fame and money” they said.

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