The Mayoral debate is the best opportunity to speak to Lusaka residents, says Elias Mpondela

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By Bright Chikele


IT IS our responsibility as leaders

to listen and talk to the people we

want to represent, says Elias


Mr. Mpondela and seven others

contesting for the Lusaka executive

mayor position have confirmed

their participation in the debate

organized by concerned Lusaka

residents next week.

In an interview, Mr. Mpondela said

the debate was an opportunity for

them to speak to Lusaka residents

who will be employing them on

August 11, 2016.

“We just have to participate in the

debate that has been organized by

the people of Lusaka. After all, we

stand for them and we need to

speak to them,” Mr. Mpondela


“We can’t say no to them because

refusing to interact with the people

would mean bad leadership. I am

ready to participate in the debate.

I will be available.”

And former first lady Maureen

Mwanawasa who is standing on

the UPND ticket also confirmed her

participation in the debate.

“I will definitely be there. There are

a lot of debates that have been

organized and I will be there,” said

Mrs. Mwanawasa.

Others who confirmed their

participation are FDD’s Sirre

Muntanga, Fisho Mwale, Kauta

Mwale, an independent candidate,

UNIP’s Reverend Alfred Banda,

PF’s Wilson Kalumba and another

independent candidate Misake.

One of the organizers of the debate

Pamela Mwanza early this week

called on the people contesting on

the Lusaka mayoral position to

participate in a debate where they

will tell Lusaka residents what they

intend to do for them once elected.

“The council has been dead for so

many years and yet for so many

years we have been having mayor

after mayor. I suggested to a

number of friends of mine that we

should organize a debate for

Lusaka mayoral aspiring

candidates. In the past, these guys

have just come on the scene, they

have gone ahead, applied and then

you have a mayor you have never

seen before…you have never known

before…you don’t even know what

they intend to do for your city but

they are mayors of Lusaka,”

Mwanza said.

“All we see are people clad in that

mayoral regalia representing you

but you don’t know him and he

doesn’t know you and probably

you never get to know him. You

don’t even know what he does but

he is there as your mayor.”


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