The Role Of Sex In Marriage

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Have you ever thought of getting married..? Or you are married..? If you have found a life partner, consider your love life with more respect and it’s a God given gift to you.

Marriage is  not something we think does not need seriousness.  Some people take marriages as a hit and run thing without being honest to each other. That’s not the true meaning of marriage, marriage needs to be respected,  couples needs to be honest to one another, they should understand each other too.

Marriage is a long time commitment and both partners should be committed to each other for a better love life.

Some couples usually complain about not having sex with their partners. Starving your partners with sex will always make your marriage fall apart and it can sometimes lead to cheating, lies and divorce.

In marriage life, sex plays a very important role. Marriage is a lot of routines that needs daily attention and never taken for granted.

Sex is a way of connecting to your wife or husband  emotionally and physically. It builds a bond that promotes closeness and emotional intimacy. Sex is the glue that holds a marriage together.

Let your maleness and femaleness work together as partners. We were created to satisfy each others desires and not to starve each other.

Some would disagree but it’s my opinion that the sharing of intimate pleasure in a marriage enables couples to bond more deeply as friends. That friendship will sustain the marriage as we age, our bodies change and our need for the sexual connection lessens.

Sex is what separates a couple’s relationship from all other relationships. A marriage without sexual intimacy and friendship will eventually sputter and die.

When you take your first vows, that’s the first marriage commitment step. Thats bridging your way to love. Marriage is not a contest, which means sometimes to win is to lose. Whenever you want to be on top, you will always end up arguing,  the results of arguments are fights and separation.

A good marriage partner is comparable to a good athlete who gives most when the going is tough. We need to understand that marriage has its ups and downs, but the bad times are made a little easier, and the good times are made even better by sharing them together.


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