The state of Albinos in secondary school across Malawi is gloomy

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By Eutychus Yamikani:

Albino students in secondary schools in Malawi are living in fear following the wave of albino attacks in Malawi.

Headmaster for Mzimba secondary school Zimulange Mhango explains that albino students use to live in fear and sad after one of the students Eneless Nkhata was brutally murdered.

“Eneless,soon after finishing her exams he was called by her uncle who was paying school fees for her in Dedza, and she never returned.

“Since Eneless has a sister Grace who is also an albino it was hard for her to move on, but as a school we have put measures to ensure their safety, and we don’t allow them to leave the school campus without a teacher and the school vehicle.”

Mhango also said currently the school has four albinos,two boys and two girls, one being Grace the younger sister of Eneless.

All the albinos are from Mzimba district, and only “Grace and the demised Eneless are from Ntcheu but lives with a village headman in Rumphi, who is the foster parent.”

The headmaster also said the death was a wakeup call for them to start communicating with parents of albinos at the school for total security.

Over seven albinos have been murdered in the country, and numerous body exhumations have been reported to police across the country.

Nevertheless the police continue informing Malawians that ‘no one should be cheated that there is a market where they sell and buy albino bones, as through their investigation no single thing has come out indicating that there is a market.’

However government has assured members of parliament that the ministry of justice has finalized drafting the bill that will ensure albinos in the country are safe.

President of the association for persons with albinism in Malawi Boniface Mansah is urging government to be proactive in safeguarding the rights of albinos as he said those in rural areas are the most vulnerable.

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