This Snoop Dog’s Latest Video Will Klump Ya Balls Until You Trump

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Just like Disney in my dreams, Snoop Dog’s dislike for anything Klump is out on you tube playing for the world to see!

In his latest release, Snoop who rules as the only sane human being among the clowns pulls out a gun to drop Ronald  Klump.

It depicts a world in which everyone is a clown, but the police are still bad clowns and the president is a clown with oddly straw-colored hair and the name Ronald Klump.

There’s a scene in this video that will surely not be to everyone’s taste.

Snoop, who for some peculiar reason of art or ego isn’t a clown in the video, pulls out a gun and conducts a mock assassination of Klump.

It’s a toy confetti gun, of course. But the feeling it leaves behind isn’t exactly playful.


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