Three Cars Collide Leaving Eight People Dead In Zambia.

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The Zambian Traffic Police have affirmed the passing of eight individuals who have been involved in a road car crash in Zambia.

The mishap which involved the crash of three autos has killed eight individuals.

Affirming the development, Zambian Police publist, Rae Hamoonga said the lethal mischance occured last night, the third of August at around 2030hrs along the Great North Road at around 25km from Kabwe to Kapiri Mposhi.

“So far seven individuals died on the spot while the eighth one passed on whilst in transit to Kabwe General Hospital bringing the aggregate number of deaths to eight,” he said.

The representative said the three vehicles which were involved in the savage smash are a minibus, Altezza and a Dangote which were all heading in the same direction.

Zambia has been shaken with mischances lately and it has prompted numerous individuals losing their lives. These occurrences mormally happen because of reckless driving, drunk driving and some are because of street clog.



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