Three Nigerians Executed In Indonesia For Drug Trafficking.

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Indonesian government on Friday executed three foreigners and an Indonesian convicted of drug crimes, as the country resumed a war on drugs.

Among the executed are three Nigrians and one Indonesian and the remaining 10 convicts will be executed in a later date which has not been set yet.

The organisation which released the names of the convicts on Wednesday said all 14 prisoners were convicted of drug-related offenses, including smuggling and trafficking.

The list of the 10 prisoners still facing execution includes prisoners from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, India and Pakistan. Three other Indonesians, including one woman are also scheduled to die.

The Indonesian Attorney – General Muhammad Prasetyo told a news conference that the severity of the drug crimes and exhaustion of all appeals was a consideration in the execution of the four men

“ I can say that the four executed inmates had important roles either as providers, suppliers, kingpin, distributor, and producer as well as importer and even acted as exporters of the drugs , ” Prasetyo said

“Our battle against drug crimes is not over and it will continue. We will maintain our commitment, our firmness and our consistency,” Prasetyo said.

He further told the reporters that Indonesia has become a business field for the production, distribution, import and export of drugs, therefore they want to curb this problem once and for all.

“For Indonesia, the death penalty is a positive law that is still effective here, and it’s not against human rights under the context of the 1945 constitution. The action that Indonesia takes now is just about law implementation and enforcement, just like how Indonesia respects the law of other nations, we hope all countries will respect Indonesian law”, he concluded.

It is the third set of executions under President Joko Widodo who was elected in 2014.

Rights activists and governments have again called on Indonesia to abolish the death penalty law.



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