Three People Have Died During Voting In South Africa.

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Three people have been reported dead during the municipal elections which are taking place in South Africa.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) said two voters died at voting stations in KwaZulu-Natal and the Northern Cape respectively.

The IEC said the death of a voter in Strydenberg, Northern Cape appeared to be from natural causes while circumstances surrounding the death of a woman at a voting station in Bulwer have not been made available.

A third person died at Struisbaai in the Western Cape and was an ANC volunteer.

The IEC’s Thabani Ngweri said the woman died in the queue and they tried resuscitate her but they couldn’t. They took her outside where she was declared dead.

The ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said he is saddened with the incidents which have happened during the voting.

“These sad incidents have marred an otherwise peaceful and incident-free polling day and we wish their families strength during this sorrowful time. The ANC is saddened at the deaths of patriotic South Africans who had turned out to exercise their civic duty by voting in municipal elections today,” he said.

According to the IEC, all voting stations were reported to be open and all logistical challenges which impacted voting earlier in the day had been resolved.

The Electoral Commission is especially pleased that no significant incidents of unrest or deliberate disruptions to voting have been reported.

There was also a deserted atmosphere at polling stations in Vuwani on Wednesday as the majority of the community shunned the local government elections over a demarcation dispute.

IEC officials stationed at Gcobani community hall in the Eastern Cape said they feared for their safety after the local residents tried to torch the premise earlier. This statement came after a small group of protesters fled from police after they attempted to set the hall alight.

Currently some voting areas are still open to help those who are on queues to cast their ballot papers. The closing time was scheduled to be 7 pm but because of opening late in other polling stations IEC has extended its working hours.




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