TNM Sim Swap Made Easy; New Way Introduced For Their Customers.

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Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) has introduced an easy way for their customers to use when they want to do a sim swap wherever they are instead of standing in queues in their offices.

The new way will also help customers who have lost their SIM card and those which have been damaged.

TNM says before you can replace your SIM card you have to follow the requirements outlined below:

1. A BLANK SIM card – this can be bought from either a TNM shop or from a TNM dealer.

2. A SIM Swap PIN – which shall be sent to you through SMS.

3. Any phone with a working TNM line.

If you have acquired the blank Sim card, then you can start processing your Sim swap by following the prompts below to complete all the required procedures.

(i) Dial *7777# on any active TNM number.

(ii) Choose 1 for SIM swap or 2 for PIN reset.

(iii) When you choose 1, you will then enter the Number you wish to Swap

(iv) Use this exact Number Format 265888 – – – – – – (Do not include + or 00, or start with 0888 – – – – – – )

(v) The system confirms that the Number is available,

(vi) Enter your SIM swap PIN

(vii) The PIN will be verified,

(viii) Then enter the IMSI number appearing on the blank card

(ix) You will then receive a notification that your SIM replacement is successful.

(x) Put the new card in a phone and switch it on

The mobile network is also informing their valued customers that if they want to change their SIM replacement PIN at any time by following the illustrations below;

Process For SIM Swap PIN Resets.

(i) Dial *7777#.

(ii) Choose 2 for PIN reset.

(iii) Enter your Phone Number

(iv) Use this exact Number Format 265888 – – – – – – (Do not include + or 00, or start with 0888 – – – – – – )

(v) When the number is verified, Enter your current PIN (that you received through SMS).

(vi) When verified, you shall be required to enter your NEW PIN (four digits).

(vii) Confirm the NEW 4 digit PIN

(viii) When your PIN change is successful, you shall receive a confirmation message.

The new SIM Swap process will be implemented effective June 1, 2017.

There will be a 4 hour delay, as the system implements your swap request

If you Forgot your pin then you will have to visit a TNM shop for reset.

During your resetting period, if you receive more than 1 PIN SMS use the last PIN you received as this is the final one and remember to keep your pin safe at all time..



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