Tough Times For Russia And Kenya Ahead Of The 2016 Olympics In Brazil.

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Due to unsatisfactory state of anti-doping bodies in Russia and Kenya, there are special measures which have been put in place to deal with this doping scandal.

According to the Olympic chief, Thomas Bach, he said that all athletes from Russia and Kenya who will be participating in the Rio Olympics will be evaluated individually against doping and they should also be declared eligible by their International Federation.

“We have given a chance to some Russian athletes to represent their country in Rio despite the ban imposed on them”, said Thomas Bach.

He further said only those Russians who have been cleared by the Court of Arbitration for sports or the International Association of Athletes Federation as clean would represent their country.

However the Russian Olympic Committee chief Aleksander Zhukov said clean Russian athletes will appeal the ban at the arbitration court so that they should fly high the flag of their country.

The Russian Athletes were banned last year from competing in any athletics after some of the athletes were found guilty of systematic doping.

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