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By Justin Geoffrey Mkweu…

Kungoni centre of culture and art is a place rich in history of the cultural heritage of the Chewa, Ngoni and Yao tribes that is found at Mua in Dedza district. Tourists visit the place to appreciate the culture and history. It is a place worth visiting.

How ever tourists have blamed mobile phone operators that they are not doing much to give the place the attention it deserves in terms of network coverage.

According to Nation online newspaper journalist Aubrey Mchulu who visited the mouth watering historical place, the place does not have any network coverage.

“Given that tourism is touted as one of the sectors to boost economic growth and foreign exchange revenue in the country, my expectation was that phone operators would ensure good network connection in such places. However, I found this to be on the contrary during my recent visit to Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art at Mua in Dedza District.

“What disturbed me and my colleagues was the poor connectivity, especially on Airtel and TNM networks. For MTL mobile, well, I switched off my handset upon getting out of Blantyre to save the battery as the signal was on and off”, Said the tourist.

The journalist tourist further said that they got to Mua and suddenly he realised he was out of network. He stated that his colleagues faced a similar situation. The network was on-and-off whereby one take two paces and get Internet connectivity on his/her phone only to lose the same with the next step.

Mobile phone networks in Malawi have been complained by not only tourists but even people in the country’s cities and rural areas. The mobile phone operators customers complain from phone calls, SMS not forgetting the internet.

The Mua tourists lastly asked for the mobile phone operators to give the attention places like these deserve.

“For the good of tourism, my humble plea to the operators is to boost the signal in the Mua area and several other areas to keep subscribers talking and browsing. People should not struggle when they are paying for the service”, pleaded the tourist.



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