Trench Town In Malawi

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Trench town is a neighborhood located in the parish of St. Andrews which shares municipality with Kingston, the capital and largest city of Jamaica.

Trench Town is the birthplace of rocksteady and reggae music as well as the home of raggae and Rastafari ambassador Bob Marley.

Well, there appears to be another Trench Town in Malawi situated in Zingwangwa, Blantyre. It is the real face of the original Trench in Jamaica. It’s the real ghetto of Blantyre as men and woman who love Jamaican music and raggae gather. They believe in the Rastafari ambassador Bob Marley and the whole lifestyle of Rastafarians.

Men and woman gather there to listen to music, smoke weed as if  it was legal as they take turns playing games, some watching movies.

Trench town is a real base of entertainment for Rastafarians in Malawi, alcohol is not consumed as much as weed is smoked. People who gather there want to be real Rastafarians as they take mostly Bob Marley’s lifestyle.


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