Trump And News: Trump Supreme Court Choice And Why The US Top Court So Important

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Recently Donald Trump named Neil Gorsuch as his choice for the US Supreme Court.

The US Supreme Court has a crucial role in the US political life, and will have to face tough questions from the Senate during any confirmation hearings.

Donald Trump named Neil Gorsuch as his choice for the US Supreme Court


The US Supreme Court has the last word on highly contentious laws between states and federal government and it is the highest court in the US. It hears cases of up to 80 a year and makes its disclosures in June. They are nine in number and the position will last a lifetime.

Cases which are usually brought to the Supreme Court after they are appealed one after the other from lower courts. The court opinions establish an example which other judges can interpret and follow.

The Supreme Court expanded gay marriage to 50 states in America and also temporarily halt the former government immigration orders.

One of the cases the court has on desk is the right of transgender students and Texas death penalty determination.

The ban on refugees and travellers form Muslim nations by Trump executive orders may also end up on at the Supreme Court. Also, cases on voters rights, abortion, racial bias in the legal systems and in policing.

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