Turkey: Atatürk Airport Terror Attacks Leaves 36 Dead And 150 Injured.

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The world’s busiest Airport of Atatürk in Turkey was attacked by the suspected Isil bombers on Tuesday night, 36 people are feared dead and almost 150 injured.

Despite having heavy security at the third busiest airport in the world, the bombers found access into the hall and started shooting at the passengers.

Turkish authorities said the three attackers came to the airport by taxi.

The bombers denoted explosives vests in the arrivals hall of the airport. The three bombers tried to go through the X-ray machines and the security officials stopped them. This prompted them to start shooting with AK-47 rifles.

Witnesses at the airport said they saw one of the bombers shooting randomly in the departures hall.

“This was the most horrifying moment I have ever come across in my life. I thank God that I am alive but its sad to see people lying down dead”, said one of the passengers.

No one has claimed responsibility of the Atatürk attacks but Turkey’s prime minister Binali Yildirim has said the attack was carried out by Islamic State and the Isil.

The airport has reopened, flights which were halted in the aftermath of the attack have started going out and coming in, but some flights have been cancelled.

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