Twitter Accounts Hijacked By Turkish Hackers

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Twitter Accounts Hijacked By Turkish Hackers

After a diplomatic row between Turkey and the Netherlands which quickly spread online on Wednesday, a vast number of Twitter accounts were hacked and was replaced with anti-Nazi messages in Turkish.

Most of the hijacked twitter accounts that were hijacked has no business with politics and have no connection with the matter, and those of the European Parliament and the personal profile of French politician Alain Juppe. AVG AntiVirus 2015 Professional 3 PCs 2 Years

Also accounts belonging to the UK Department of Health and BBC North America, both of which has been recovered, along with the profile of Marcelo Claure, the CEO of US telecoms operator Sprint, which remains hijacked as of this time.

Many other accounts include ‘Die Welt’ and ‘Forbes’ and several non-profit agencies including Amnesty International and Unicef USA as well as Duke University.

These hijacks used hash tags like #Nazialmanya or #Nazihollanda.

It took completely over accounts of high-profile individuals like CEOs, government agencies, politicians, publishers and ordinary twitter accounts.  In the wake of  Dutch voting taking place yesterday in national elections which was seen as a test of anti-establishment and anti-immigrant sentiment, the account hijackings took place.

Meanwhile in Turkey, President Erdogan also suspended high-level diplomatic ties with the Netherlands. Erdogan also branded Dutch citizens “Nazi remnants” for preventing his ministers at the weekend from addressing rallies of Turks living Netherlands.
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The Hijacked accounts also appeared with messages such as “See you on April 16”, a date set for Turkey’s planned referendum to grant Erdogan more powers.

The Twitter profile of BBC North America noted: “Hi everyone – we temporarily lost control of this account, but normal service has resumed”.

A spokesman for twitter said “the company is aware the service was hacked and that it had begun to investigate, and quickly located the source which was limited to a third-party app. The company removed its permissions immediately.” BullGuard Mobile Security for Android

In mid-November, Twitter Counter also was the target of a hack attack which led to some of the high-profile like Lionel Messi and gaming sites Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox Twitter accounts that are linked to the company’s app to pour out spam tweets.

Several many hacks has occurred in the past by same group of hackers, the sites involve in previous hacks were, Austrian institution,  Vienna airport, the national parliament and central bank last year. These attacks led to a call to drop Turkey membership of the European Union.

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