Two Brothers Allegedly Chopped Off Their Father’s Head With An Axe

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TWO brothers from Malisanga village allegedly chopped off their father’s head with an axe in a dispute over his proposal to sell an ox to buy donkeys for drought power. They later buried the headless body in a shallow grave in the fields.

Isaac Mugwambami (17) and his older brother Kentani (26) then fled their village after the gruesome killing on Monday. Relatives told The Chronicle the duo left Shadreck Kasha Mugwambami’s head covered with a cap.

The brothers were angry over their father’s plan, coupled with their constant accusations that he was abusing their mother after marrying a second wife.

Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula said a search party stumbled on Mugwambami’s head on the following day.

The body, she said, was discovered hours later.

“I can confirm receiving a case of murder involving two brothers who turned against their father and decapitated him. The dispute arose over a beast. The two brothers who included a juvenile have been arrested and are expected to appear in court facing murder charges,” said Insp Mazula.

A relative, Mr Shepherd Chirove, said Mugwambami asked his son, Ketani to sell one beast so that they could buy donkeys to pull a scotch-cart to ferry sorghum from the fields.

“Ketani didn’t give in to his father’s idea of disposing of a beast leading to the dispute. Ketani and Isaac were not in good books with their father because he was abusing their mother. The abuse started after Mugwambami married a second wife,” said Mr Chirove.

When the fighting seemed to have died down Ketani, Isaac and Shadreck left for the fields to harvest sorghum and the dispute erupted again.

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