Two Important Things To Happen On June 23, 2016 In Malawi And Europe.

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The 23rd of June will be a day to remember in Malawi and European countries.

In Malawi, the Member of Parliament for Mulanje central, Boniface Kalindo will be holding naked demonstrations in Lilongwe forcing the government to impose death penalty on those who have been found guilty of killing people living with albinism.

The MP is dismayed by the government’s failure to use death penalty on those responsible for the abduction and killings of the innocent people living with albinism.

“It pains me to see heartless people going away without being punished. It doesn’t make sense to have a law which is not used to serve its intended purpose”, said Kalindo.

“We surely know that death penalty is one of our laws and this law is not being used simply because of human rights issues and yet our fellow human beings are being killed everyday hence protecting the rights of albino killers and not the victims”, said the MP.

He further said he will walk naked for the poor Malawians who needs to be protected by the law of their country.

The demonstrations will start from area 18 roundabout heading to the city centre roundabout where the petition will be read and presented to the Parliament.

In Europe, history will be made when United Kingdom will be holding IN or OUT” Referendum which will enlighten the world whether Britain will exit or remain in the European Union.ThereThere has been a serious debate on this issue in Britain which is aimed at exiting from EU to end the Central control by Brussels and give Britain freedom to control its own affairs.

The referendum polls will be conducted tomorrow and polling stations will be opened in the morning between 7am and 10am.

The results will be announced to the world on Friday June 24, 2016.

What will happen if Britain has voted to exit the European Union..?  This question will be answered on Friday.

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