Two Men Arrested For Possessing Fake Money Amounting To MK58 000.

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Two men identified as Patrick Mhango, 27 years and John Mwangwelo, 29 years have been arrested by Karonga Police after being found in possession of K2000 notes which are suspected to be fake.

According to Karonga Police Publist Constable George Mulewa told News Watch Reviews that Mwangwelo and his friend, Mhango, in the morning of September 24, 2017 went to a well known place called Club Erosion within Karonga boma in order to drink beer.

Another suspect.

“When they paid the money, the bar man suspected the money was fake. He then called one of the people in the bar to be a witness as Mhango and his friend, Mwangwelo were to be searched”, said George.

“Upon searching them, they were found with K2000 notes amounting to K58,000”, he added.

George said the day before the incident, the owner of a nearby bar, known by the name Planet brought at Karonga Police Station Seven K2000 notes that were also suspected to be fake after his sales.

“Within two months Karonga Police have arrested five people who have been found possessing fake Malawian notes”.

“We urge all business people who conduct their businesses during the night to be observant when receiving money from their customers to avoid receiving fake notes”, he concluded.

News Watch Reviews understands that after being found with the fake Malawian notes at the bar, those who were at the drinking joint started beating them. The time Police arrived at the crime scene the suspects were already injured.

Patrick Mhango who comes from Mwenevumo village in the area of Traditional Authority Nthalire in Chitipa district and John Mwangwelo from Mwangwelo village in the area of Paramount Chief Kyungu in Karonga district will answer Charges of Being Found in Possession of Fake Currency contrary to section 382 of the Penal code .

The recovered money is going to be surrendered to Reserve Bank of Malawi for examination.




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