Two Men Beaten After Stealing Cell Phones At A Wedding In Lilongwe.

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Two men were severely beaten in Lilongwe in area 12 after they stole mobile phones from the people who were attending the wedding.

Accordjng to the news sourced by News Watch Reviews indicates that the two joined the wedding team from church and they pretended to be relatives of the newly wedded couple.

While they were in the crowd attending an extravagant wedding, they stole the said phones and left the venue immediately.

Fortunately people noticed they had lost phones and they started following the so called relatives and lucky enough they found them in a minibus at Peoples Trading Centre.

They were hauled out of the minibus and after searching them they were found with the two cell phones.

The angry people grabbed them back to the venue where they were beaten up.

Reports shows that there is a group of boys and girls who attend wedding ceremonies with an intention of stealing from the people. These people always pretend as relatives of the wedding couples and later on they pick pocket people.


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