Two Men Sentenced To 19 Years Each For Removing Private Parts Of 18 Year Old Boy.

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The Nkhunga magistrate court has convicted and sentenced a 42 year old man identified as Rangerson Mashikudu to 19 years imprisonment with hard labour for removing private body parts of an 18 year old boy.

The court through Inspector Wills Asibu heard that on August 30, 2016 the convict and his friend Norman Maxwel Mandix took the victim into the cane fields of Illovo Dwangwa estate where they jointly chopped-off all his private parts

“As this was not enough, the two went away with the victim’s bicycle and later police arrested the two”, said Nkhunga Police Publist Ignatius Esau.

He said they were charged with three counts of Unlawful removal of tissue from body of a living person contrary to section 18 of Anatomy act, Grevious harm contrary to section 238 and Robbery with violence contrary to section 301 of penal code.

Norman Maxwel Mandix pleaded guilty to all counts and was handed a 14 year jail term while Rangerson Mashikudu pleaded not guilty and this prompted the state to parade seven witnesses.

After proving the three charges beyond reasonable doubt, on November 10, 2017 court convicted Mashikudu on all the three counts.

In mitigation, the convict pleaded with the court to show leniency when sentencing him saying he looks after his children.

But when passing sentence, First Grade Magistrate Kingsley Buleya concurred with submissions presented by the state that the convict deserves stiffer punishment bearing in mind the fact that the victim has suffered permanent deformity and as such, it will be difficult for him as a man to get married.

Magistrate Buleya ordered the convict to serve a 14 year jail term for first count, two years for the second count and three years for the third count, sentences to run consecutively.


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