Two Men Sentenced To 15 Months For Stealing Government Mosquito Nets.

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By: Eutycus Yamikani.

Mzimba first grade magistrate George Longwe on Thursday the 9th of May 2016 sentenced two men identified as Ikima Mushan and Yolumn Mtambo from chitipa to 15 months Imprisonment with Hard Labour for allegedly stealing 28 bales of free government mosquito nets on 14th May 2016 which were being distributed under the malaria control program to help fight against the spread of malaria in the district.

The two were arrested on 14th May at Chikangawa Road block on their way to Tanzania where it is suspected that they were heading to sell them.

The first grade magistrate George Longwe in his judgment said what the two did is disappointing.

“What the two did is unacceptable as the government is trying hard to improve the livelihoods of Malawians through various programs like the distribution of these free mosquito nets, some Malawians take advantage in stealing it,” said Longwe.

He therefore sentenced the two convicts to 15 months imprisonment with hard labour.

Ikima Mushan and Yolumn Mtambo both are from chitipa district.

‘Justice delayed is just denied.’ Anonymous

Even to the state, Malawi@51.

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