Two People Arrested Over Possession Of Indian Hemp (Cannabis Sativa )

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Police in Kasungu have arrested two men identified as  Sosten Ziliyere, 30 years and Steven Chilembwe, 25 after being found in possession of Indian Hemp without a license.

Speaking to News Watch Reviews, Kasungu deputy relations officer, Harry Namwaza said the were arrested on Friday, June 1, 2016.

“They have been arrested at Chisazima roadblock after police officers came across two 50Kg bags containing the Cannabis Sativa as they were conducting search duties, said Harry Namwaza.

Cannabis sativa
Cannabis sativa.

Harry further said on the same day, police found two 50Kg bags of Indian Hemp which were abandoned by unknown people after the police officers established that the bags contained Cannabis Sativa in the minibus at the same roadblock.

“We are searching for another culprit who abandoned the other two 50 kg bags of Indian Hemp. The owner disappeared after police officers made some enquiries in the minibus”, said Harry.

The seized bags of Indian Hemp will be taken to Chitedze Research Station for analysis.

Ziliyere and Chilembwe will appear before court soon to answer charges of Being Found in Possession Cannabis Sativa without a licence.

Sosten Ziliyere comes from Kaipa village, in the area of Traditional Authority Chakhaza in Dowa district while Steven Chilembwe comes from Kapulapula village, in the area of  Traditional Authority Dzoole in the same district.

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