Two People Die After Commiting Suicide In Mchinji.

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Two men from two different villages in Mchinji have coincidentally taken their own lives by hanging themselves to the roofs of their houses.

Mchinji Police Publist, Inspector Kaitano Lubrino said the two are identified as Rodrick Banda, 32 and John Shuko, 25 who hailed from different villages of Chimuti under traditional authority Zulu and traditional authority M’duwa respectively.

“Both Banda and Shuko were discovered by their wives hanging dead on May 25, 2017 at around 1100hrs and 1700hours respectively”, said Kaitano.

According to one of the relatives, told the Police that Banda had been threatening to commit suicide because he had been on a sick bed for some time and he was to cut short his life.

“On the material day, Rodrick Banda went to the garden with his wife and as they continued working, he secretly left his wife at the garden. He was later found hanging to the roof of the house by his wife”, added Kaitano.

In a related developement, John Shuko, was found hanging to the roof of his house.

According to one of the relatives of Shuko who was a bicycle repairer at Chimuti Trading Centre, on the day he committed suicide, he was heard complaining that his friends were mocking him, accusing him of failing to take care of his body. He was later found hanging dead inside his house.

Meanwhile, police are advising the general public, mainly those who feel infringed or aggrieved not to resort taking away their own lives but instead should find better ways of solving the problem.



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