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By Eutychus Yamikani

On Friday the Ugandan high court sentenced the men who were behind the 2010 terrorist attack on a football show place.

The four main convicts were as the judge statement brainwashed by alshabab philosophy, including the main suspect who was said to have been trained the group.

According to the BBC focus on Africa, all the men had their own lawyers and though the state begged for life sentences, but the judge lastly gave the men life imprisonment, while the other men concerned were lashed with 5o years imprisonment.

Even though justice seems to have been saved in this manner little is highlighted on how laws to do with the “death penalty” really mean a thing.

It is almost unspoken that in Africa the debate on the sentence of “no return” is as a muron that people see every day, but feel it is not form them to be attached to its history.

The surprising thing is n those countries who push African nations to exercise whatsoever is that human right, their citizens are able to demand for such sentences when they fell victim.

For instance murder, the perplexing question is how the so leant hard to crack law makers fail to do away with such western concepts, but fail to exercise.

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