Uganda:Patients run away from bedbugs at Kaabong hospital

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Patients at Kaabong hospital from the  northern part of Uganda have run away from the wards following a bedbug infestation.
According to reports reaching News Watch Reviews,the most infested wards include the pediatric, male and the female wards. The infestation has forced admitted patients to leave the facility during the night and only to return in the morning for treatment. One of the patients  (name withheld)  says sleeping in the ward has become a nightmare and the government should do something as soon as possible.

“Small insects(bedbugs) are all over children’s ward, female and pediatric ward and they  are still  coming, you can even  see them coming. It is true the bedbugs are there. Even this child of mine, he never finished his treatment”, said the lady whose name has been withheld.


 A senior nursing officer at the hospital by the name “Patience Ojok”, has  acknowledged the presence of bedbugs in the hospital, saying they are busy trying to spray the wards in vain.

“You know these insects, when I come with it from my home, it will multiply and then show up everywhere. Just like even our homes when children come back from school. We have hired people to fumigate all the infested areas except Martenity ward because there are newborn babies and they might be negatively affected with toxic substance.”, says Ojok.

Dr Sharif Nalibe, the Kaabong District Health Officer, also has emphasized that they are busy getting rid of the blood-sucking insects. Although bed bugs don’t carry disease, they just feed on human blood during the night.

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