UK political sarcasm revealing the other side of donors:lessons for Africa

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Analysis: David cameron calls Nigeria and Afghanstan as countries who are ‘fantastically corrupt.’

Cameron was caught on camera and mic uttering such remarks, following another Queen Elizabeth II word of mouth controversy.

The unpopular British prime minister whose father is implicated in the recent journalistic tax evasion investigation dubbed panama papers.

His sarcastic remarks while drinking a grass of wine has met some mixed reaction across the world wide global village.

Reacting to cameron trashing words Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari said ‘we don’t need apology from him, we need money.’

Though the reaction seemed mild and calm, with the UK still support the Nigerian government with its budget.

Africa and the mainland China have fallen victim of the white superior exposing itself in the open.

Some analyst have questioned the two events that has occurred in the same period as another disrepectiful, uncaring attitude of the west to the developing nations.

The Queen referred to the Chinese deligates that visited the Kingdom. as ‘rude.’

It is not well extaporated as to what instance the Queen uttered her sentiments.

After all who expects Backingham palace to come in the open and face down humbly to the Africans, Islamic and eastern super power countries.

The chinese will do that with tears as they do when they are apologizing to their people .Its ‘conficius philosophy’

Its their religion, its their culture and its exactly what they are giving to the African continent.

What a coincidence of two friends, both fallen victim of their old master.

And talking of remorse from the UK PM, all he said in the house of parliament in London was ‘ before I speak let me see if they are not recording me on this microphone .’

Another second brawl to all the babies crying for political appropriation interms of addressing them.

Lets face it the issue is different to that of Obama visting the nuclear bomb memorial in Japan.

USA was a first victim before it victimized Japan, so the apology agenda is open to political debate.

Guess Africa should face to the east permanently,devoting their foreign relations policies strengthening this partnership.

” a man does not pay alligence to his ancestors that were outcasted.”

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