UNICEF Urges The World To Act On Global Poverty.

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The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund has urged organizations to help those children in need.

UNICEF  said the number of children who do not attend school is rising, child marriage has not dropped in decades and millions of young children will die with mostly preventable deaths by 2030 if global poverty is not addressed properly.

“Poor children are twice as likely as rich children to die before the age of five, and poor girls are more than twice as likely to become child brides in in signs of troubling inequality”, said the report.

The deputy executive director of the UN children’s agency, Justin Forsyth said some big challenges children face nowadays include refugees and migrant which are connected with inequality and poverty.

The organization has called on stronger efforts to educate the world’s children, noting that on average, each additional year of education a child receives increases her or his adult earnings  by about 10%.

The report released by the Unicef further indicates that 124 million children do not go to primary and lower secondary school, a number which is said to have increased by about 2 million since 2011.

Noting some progress in halving the global mortality rates for children under the age of five since 1990, boys and girls attending primary school in equal numbers in 129 countries, the report said such developments have been neither even nor fair, with repercussions for global turmoil.

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