United Kingdom: UK should be flexible over Brexit trade, Theresa May

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The new Prime Minister Theresa May retained an open mind on UK trading relationships after cabinet  members want the UK out of EU custom union. At a conference in Rome with Matteo Renzi of Italy, Theresa May said there should be a bespoke agreements than copying others. But Matteo express his sadness towards the UK exit but hoped for the good.

The Prime Minister already visited Berlin and Paris and she is due to visit other EU leaders this week, said that the UK is leaving the EU, but would still very much be part of EU.

She said Brexit also meant “a new chapter” but hoped the current £24bn annual two-way trade could be boosted and the nations would continue to co-operate within Nato, G7 and the G20 to face the “complex and global challenges” posed by terrorism and mass migration.

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