United States: How Beyoncé and Jay Z ”Found Love Again” After Lemonade

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Beyoncé and Jay Z’s relationship was at the center of speculation after Beyoncé dropped her latest music, Lemonade.

news-watch-review3After what seemed to be Beyonce putting all of her marital woes with the rapper Jay Z on blast for the world to hear through her music, the status of her marriage with Jay Z has constantly been in question. Despite the two couples making a few appearances together, and Jay Z joining Beyonce on her current tour, people are still wondering what’s up with these two love birds.

Today, we’re happy to report that things are going smoothly between the stars. In fact, Beyonce and Jay Z are in a really good place right now.

Adding that their time on the road is also lending a hand to bringing these two couple together again. The tour has brought Jay Z and Beyoncé very close and Jay Z has been by Beyoncé side during many of her shows so far.

They also have been making time for date nights with each other to some of their favorite restaurants around New York City. “They are on a romantic boat ride and got to laugh and enjoy the day together with daughter Blue Ivy along for the ride makes it that much more enjoyable. They are in such a happy place as a couple and have found love again and it’s very obvious to all the people around them.” Eye witness says. new-watch-review2 No doubt Beyoncé is working hard on her tour that has taken a toll on her body, but she has the help from hubby and daughter and that’s important to her. She wants Blue and Jay to be with her as much as possible this summer. Beyoncé is a very hands-on mom and having Blue with her only strengths her performance.
Our source adds that Beyonce is “extremely happy how well this tour is going and she definitely feels this is one of her best tours so far.”
Beyonce will be entertaining Detroit fans, and then take some time off before jetting to London to continue her tour in July. Happy for you Queen B.

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