US Election 2016: Donald Trump Becomes 45th United States President

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The latest trending news today is that the Republican nominee Donald Trump is the 45th US president after a clear victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. After he defied the pre-election polling to claim swing states, The Republican nominee won the key battlegrounds which consist of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

donald trump
                           Donald Trump with His Family At The Victory Speech

In his winning speech the republican nominee Donald Trump told the cheering supporters “Americans must now unite and bind the wounds of division”.

After the winning was confirmed, the Global markets fell sharply at the news, but recovered suddenly. After all the criticizing by the outgoing President Barack Obama, he calmly congratulated Mr Trump on his stunning victory and has also invited him to a meeting at the White House which will be on Thursday to discuss further transition.

Donald Trump Victory Speech

Leaders around the world and the media have been reacting to America’s election results, with Germany’s foreign minister saying the American foreign policy will be “less predictable”.  The Russian President Vladimir Putin whom Mr Trump has showed support said “I hoped ties could improve from our current “critical situation”. Also from the European Union said “close co-operation with the US will be the only way to handle unprecedented challenges around the world”.

Although poll counting went really late into the night, but that was a guarantee for Mr Trump’s victory as Wisconsin put him above 270 out of 538 electoral college votes needed to win the race to becoming the 45th President of The United States Of America.

Cheering Crowd

Hilary Clinton also called the Newly Elected President Donald Trump to congratulate him on his victory over her which he accepted and urged supporters and all America to unite and work together.


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