US: Is Hillary Clinton heading for the oval office?

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By Eutychus Yamikani
Just after Big Bernie seem to be catching up in accumulating enough delegates, Hillary Clinton has amassed enough delegates to be the first ever women presidential democrat candidate in the Us.

The former secretary of state and first lady clinched the biggest and one of the decisive delegates in the state of California beating her close running candidate hopeful for the party Bernie sanders.

“According to the media we have made history because of your votes, and we will make big history if you vote for me against Donald trump.”

Both the democrat and the Republican parties will be holding conventions soon, and as it looks Miss Clinton and the controversial Donald Trump have amassed enough delegates to be presidential candidates for the election.

However Big Bernie is not giving up any time soon as he says ‘we will fight until the end’ while on the other hand Hillary Clinton is trying to force Sanders who have the huge young following according to some polls to unite with her.

As it seems no candidate is clean going into this already dirty presidential race with both sides exhibiting weaknesses.

Nevertheless America has the last say whether to put another Clinton in the oval office or put an unpopular republican candidate Donald Trump, but as many undecided voters are putting it:

‘a no vote for Trump is not an automatic vote for Clinton’

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