USA: Barack Obama Endorses Hillary; Is This The Fall Of Trump…?

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By: Eutycus Yamikani..

Just a day after Hillary Clinton clinched the needed votes from delegates to become the presumptuous democrat presidential candidate, Obama has officially endorsed her as the democrat presidential candidate.

A video that has been posted on Hillary Clinton campaign website, president Obama congratulates Miss Clinton for being the first women to become the democrat presidential candidate:

“I can’t wait to campaign for her as the democrat presidential candidate, and I believe she is capable of taking over the leadership of this great nation.”

The video was released hours after Obama had a meeting with Bernie Sanders, and as it seems the tone is to change between Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Already Bernie Sanders has said that ‘he will work together with  Hillary.’

However this move by president Obama to support Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, Republican presumptuous presidential candidate, Donald trump is still calling shots.

Trump has called the move as another lie to try and put what he calls ‘crooked Hillary’ back to the white house.

Ahead of next month’s convention of the two parties, it is yet to be seen if Donald Trump will have enough support in the divided Republican Party.

However Trump has the support of Dr Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and other fallen republican hopefuls who gave up the race due to what has been described as a ‘trump victory spell’ in amassing votes in different states in the US.

As polls show Hillary with the upper hand over Businessman Donald Trump the upcoming November election may be one of the most contested elections in the history of American politics.

Or maybe Trump will just be another noisy Mitt Romney to Hillary Clinton come January 2017.

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