USA: Court Suspends State’s Restrictive Abortion Law.

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Abortion providers in Texas geared with surprise and elation to the United State Supreme Court’s decision to throw out the state’s restrictive abortion law which was passed by a Republican-led legislature.

These abortion providers said they are happy that their clinics will start operating again since they were shut down in 2013 after the measure was passed.

Since the law was passed in Texas, the number of abortion clinics in the city fell from 49 to 19.

One of the health centre managers in Texas, from Planned Parenthood of Austin, Rachel Bergstrom Carlson said she was surprised with the courts decision.

“I am honestly surprised with the decision taken by the court to throw away the restrictive abortion law. But I think the ruling does not create open access to abortion for Texas women or that it meant other legislation intended to restrict women’s access to safe and legal abortion will be scrapped”, said Rachel.

Abortion providers in Texas blamed health officials that the law which was imposed on them was unnecessary and it was intended to shut down their clinics. But health officials said their aim was to protect women’s health.

The Supreme Court ruled that both key provisions of the law, requiring abortion doctors to have difficult to obtain admitting privileges at a local hospital and requiring clinics to have costly hospital-grade facilities, violated a women’s right to an abortion established in a 1973 landmark ruling.

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