Violence Erupts During Eviction Of Israeli Settlers From Illegal Outpost

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In Amona, West Bank, groups of Rightist protesters fight with Israeli police carrying out a court order.

An order to evict settlers from an illegal outpost in occupied West Bank on Wednesday. It happened hours after the Israeli government announced it was going to construct massive settlements.

More than 300 Israeli settlers live in Amona, and the outposts were built in the West Bank without official authorisation. Israeli Supreme Court ruled in November, this is after a very long legal battle that settlers had to leave Amona because their homes were built on privately-owned Palestinian land.

The police were all dressed with backpacks but no visible weaponry were seen, the policein their hundreds were met with burning tyres, but managed to push back against a handful of nationalist Israeli youths who came to Amona to support settlers.

The protesters were chanting “A Jew doesn’t evict a Jew.”  Arrest and detentions were made by police during the fight. At least 10 officers were slightly injured by rocks thrown at them, says the police spokesman.

But the settlers will not leave their homes and stayed indoors after building barriers in front of their doors and showing resistance to eviction. “We won’t leave our homes on our own, you will have to pull us out, and we’ll go”. And one settler said “it is a black day for Zionism.”

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