Visit Malawi And Get a Taste Of Mulanje Tea.

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By: Eutycus Yamikani.

The district of Mulanje is within  reach of the commercial city of Blantyre on a beautiful road, making it a superb day outing for visitors.

The drive through the Shire Highlands is satisfying in itself, some tea estates, like Satemwa, ( in Thyolo and Lujeri, on the lower slopes of Mulanje, offer gracious guest houses for those who would like to spend more time exploring the area.

The tea plantations have a haunting beauty, next to the six climbers’ huts on the mountain, maintained jointly by the Department of Forestry and the Mountain Club of Malawi.

Malawi’s famous tenga-tenga,(porters, literally “those who carry”, the term was also used to refer to the postal runners in the old days) will be more than happy to carry your luggage or pack on your climb but make sure your chosen guide has a Government issued identity card indicating he has been formally trained.

It is good manners to employ at least one porter per person, even if you carry little more than a day pack, as Mulanje is prone to sudden weather changes and the guide of these porters will be valuable.

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