Visit Malawi And See The ISlands In The Sky

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By : Eutycus Yamikani.

For many years, Malawi’s mountains are the most magical aspect of the country ( Just stand on top of the Zomba plateau and gaze across the Phalombe plains to majestic Mulanje, and you’ll soon agree.

Stop at the Sunbird Ku Chawe on the sheer lip of the plateau, at least for a cup of tea. Curled at your feet lies the charming town of Zomba, one time capital, and now Malawi’s university town. The bowl of the mountain top is a forest reserve, and has a primitive beauty. Among the plantations are patches of indigenous forest, cool streams and high grasslands, and from the view points, Malawi laid out like a relief map. Hike, fish or ride, but take your binoculars and cameras.

Zomba is about an hour drive from Blantyre. The Mtengatenga postal museum is a must for Philatelists, and art lovers should look out for road-side stalls handmade clay pots and whimsical mud heads.

As you enter Zomba, there is the King’s African Rifles War ┬áMemorial, to the men who gave their lives in the two World Wars. About half an hour north of Zomba at Chingale are the craftsmen who specialize in carving chief’s chairs. Each made from a single trunk; the chair’s simple design is ornamented by bas relief carvings. These are uniquely Malawian.

As if forgotten like a myth, on this hill top called Zomba there lies another legendary ‘hole’ called Chigwe(translated as: let it fall) legendary with stories that leaves one reminiscing of the beauty and the beauty of this pleateu. Visit Zomba and be thrown in the bottomless hole of nature amazement forming a forever memory.

Welcome to Malawi and enjoy your holidays.

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