Visit The Ninth Largest Lake In The World “LAKE MALAWI”

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Are you thinking of taking a vacation with your family? Are you thinking of fun, fun and nothing else but having fun? I suggest you visit Malawi and be amazed with the ninth largest lake in the “world”.

” Lake Malawi ” is the jewel of the country’s tourist attraction discovered by the missionary-explorer Dr David Living Stone, about 150 years ago.

The lake has fresh water and its surrounded by beaches of golden sand,

A lot of people “love” taking a vacation to Lake Malawi, there they swim, play different games, go fishing…there are just so many exciting things to do for fun at Lake Malawi.

The Lake also plays a significant role in the economy because of its super rich fish harvest. There are beautiful finishing villages found near the lake which are also an amazing attraction for visitors.



Well, you can’t just visit Lake Malawi and expect to go back home the very same day, “NO”!

Good, comfortable lodges are found along the shore. Mangochi and Monkey Bay provide the best variety of accommodation. You find lodges and hotels there.

What are you waiting for? Start packing and visit ” Lake Malawi ”

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