Wanted Gay Teacher Hangs Himself

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A wanted Gay teacher from Gwanda hanged himself. Bhekimuzi Sibanda was on the run from cops. He was the head of department of sports at Ntepe High School and he hanged himself from a tree after he heard the police wanted to investigate him on issues concerning sodomising his students.

“I confirm that a teacher at Ntepe High School Bhekimuzi Sibanda killed himself by hanging on Tuesday. He did not leave a suicide note and his body was conveyed to Gwanda Provincial Hospital mortuary,” said Inspector Philisani Ndebele, the Matabeleland South police spokesperson.
A source told the Press that Sibanda was restless in the morning on the day he took his own life.

“Sibanda was restless the day he heard that the police were looking for him for a case of sodomy which he was guilty of. Sadly, he killed himself the very same day.”said the source.

Sibanda committed the sodomy some time ago and a report was made to the police who started looking for him.

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