Washington In style-Obama’s VS The Trumps Inauguration Style Battle

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Barack Obama‘s end of presidency could not have been much more of a statement of power play-offs of the most powerful families as the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency signaled a new wave of fashion statements. The weeks leading up to the event were tangled up with contention, from unraveling out the performances at the inaugural concert, to which political leaders would (and would not) attend.

Despite the drama, the most powerful people in the nation gathered together dressed in their very best to brush aside their differing philosophies and honor the demands for America’s democracy as incoming president Donald Trump declared to put America. We thought of  rounding up the most significant fashion looks from Inaugural Day and see if you too could take an inspiration:

It doesn’t take a genius to tell that Michelle Obama’s fashion sense is Impeccable and effortless. On the Inaugral day she dazzled the who is who of Washington with her  red printed A-line dress with a black belt and pumps. As if that wasn’t enough, Michelle Obama was later seen at the Inauguration ceremony,  wearing a red coat matching the print of her dress.  

Once Sworn enemies, are seen here presenting one United Fashion  Statement Of America.


Who said If you beat the crap out of your competitor in elections then you can’t borrow a leaf in their fashion sense?

Even Halloween crowns came to town for the inauguration….

Notorious and patriotic crown like Kelleyann Conway is seen here dressed to impress in blue , red and white, which says it all about how she intends to keep President Donald Trump’s feet grounded on his message of putting America First.


The Clintons – Queen Of Pants Suits.

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