Welcome To Malawi And Visit Our Beatiful Beaches.

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As the year is heading towards the end, people have started making arrangements of visiting different countries to spend their time with their families at beautiful beaches.

Are you tired of looking or visiting the same beaches all the time? Or maybe you’re ready to swap out the thumping social scene for something new in your life?

Here are some wonderful places which are in Malawi where you could enjoy and have never ending memories.

Those places are found in the “Warm Heart of Africa”, Malawi.

Some do ask why it is called the Warm Heart of Africa, it is because every person who visits the country feels at home. They are warmly welcomed and safely accomodated.

People enjoying at one of the beaches in Malawi.

When you visit Malawi, take the route down to the Northern part of Malawi and see for yourself how beautiful the beaches are. Tourists who wants to enjoy and have everlasting memories have tried to visit Nkhata Bay district and Likoma Island.

Nkhata Bay is the mother of beautiful Beaches which offers affordable accomodation and visitors are properly looked after.

Some of the beaches which are found in the district are Chikale Beach, a beautiful and well designed beach which has been an attraction to many. Alot of events fo take place at the beach every year. Music festivals, graduations, weddings, social meetings, etc, are done at the place.

If we head towards the South of the district, we find another famous beach known as Kande Beach. This is also a more active and attractive beach which has received alot of praises from the people who have had their time there.

Sit and look at the beatiful view..

Kande is a welll established beach facing the beautiful Lake Malawi.

Other beaches and lodges in the district are; Butterfly, Njaya Lodge, Makuzi beach, Mayoka, just to mention a few.

These beaches offers great accommodation choices, such as camping for guests who would like to sleep under the stars and watch the rising sun in the morning, dorm beds for those who have a large family or are a large group of friends, single cabins if you would like some privacy, beach chalets with two single beds or a double bed.


When you visit these beaches, you will not only have a good accomodation, but you will also enjoy various entertaining activities. You will have time to surf on the lake using boats. You will be entertained by traditional dances called Malipenga, Chilimika and Honala.

Honala is a dance which consist of old men and women. When you visit Kande Beach, you will find a group called “Parker Town Band”. This is a group of people who dances Honala and it is there to entertain those visitors who comes to the beach for their holidays.

Other activities taking place at the said beaches are; Scuba diving, Horse Riding, canoe, Wind & Kite Surfing, Sailing, Snorkeling, Water sports and Kayaking.

While you are still in Nkhata Bay enjoying your holidays, you can also visit a famous Island situated in the waters of Lake Malawi, Likoma Island. This is a beautiful Island which has got all requirements for the tourists spending their precious time there.

Near Likoma Island there is another tiny island, Chizumulu, which is also in Malawian territory. Access to Likoma is currently by boat or charter aircraft. There are beaches like Kaya Mawa, Ulisa Bay Lodge, Nkhwichi Lodge and many more.


There are boats and ships which are used to transport people to and from the Island. MV Ilala is most used ship on the Lake to transport induviduals to different areas they wish to visit. MV Ilala can take you to Likoma Island, Chizumulu Island, Cape Maclear, Usisya, Karonga and Nkhata Bay.

MV Ilala on the waters of Malawi.

These Beaches have the most spectacular view you could ever imagine, with soft sand at your doorstep and the sound of the ocean gently lapping on the shore. Nkhata Bay is one of the most amazing holiday destinations for guests who like their privacy, good service and nature.

Welcome to the Warm Heart of Africa and spend your time there. You will warmly be welcomed by the loving people in the district.



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