Western Embassies Blamed By ZANU-PF For Masterminding Protests.

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The Zimbabwean government has blamed the Western embassies for being behind the protests which have rocked Zimbabwe.

The ruling party, Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) accused these embassies for sponsoring civil sevant’s strike which took place on Wednesday across the country.

The secretary for administration in Mugabe’s government, Ignatius Chombo said they know these protests are not being organised by only Zimbabweans but there are forces behind it.

“We certainly know these people are sponsored by some forces to tarnish our country’s image. There are some who lost during elections and they are forcing people to protest so that they should gain more attention”, said Chombo.

These protests which have rocked the government of Mugabe has led to destruction of government properties and businesses were stand still on Wednesday.

During the protests,  almost 100 people have been arrested in connection with the public violence and they will appear before court soon.

Civil servants in Zimbabwe took to the streets demanding the government to pay their wages which the government announced they will not be paid urgently.

This announcement sparked violence and outrage amongst Zimbabweans who opted to boycott all their services to show the government that they are not ready to excute their services without filling their bank accounts.

Zimbabwean activitis have criticised police brutality during the protests arguing that they have not handled the situation professionally.

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