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What is activated oxygen? 

What is Activated oxygen, it is the formation of an additional molecule to oxygen, this particle is appended to the oxygen we inhale which is (O), making it an (O3).

This (O3) is another particle that has a staggering capacity to pulverize germs and organisms through oxidation.

This innovation makes the SoClean a powerful CPAP more clean.

The SoClean machine produces an activated oxygen (O3) and pumps it into your CPAP machine’s humidifier.

It can interface with your CPAP by fitting its hose into the humidifier supply.

To start with, the activated oxygen ventures and disinfects the supply and water inside the humidifier.

The activated oxygen at that point goes through the fundamental hose which eliminates germs as it goes through.

The activated oxygen at that point goes through your CPAP mask and is discharged into the compartment that holds the mask.

This guarantees the interior and exterior of the mask comes in and reached the activated oxygen.

The activated oxygen is then securely caught inside a unique shut framework.

This guarantees both the outside condition and the delicate wires and hardware of the CPAP are uncovered.

The machine only needs to keep running for around five minutes. However the things ought to be left inside for around 2 hours to finish the procedure.

In an interview, the creator of SoClaen, Timothy Leyva, also clarifies that SoClean takes into account day by day, hands cleaning of CPAP machines.

If the CPAP is constantly cleaned will make it perfect, well prepared, and safe to utilize and improves the probability that sleep apnea sufferers will wear it at all time while sleeping at night.

It is unquestionably a great deal and less labor-concentrated than hand-washing everything.

Indeed, the clock can be set only once for the SoClean to keep running every day. Simply drop the mask in, close the mask and be en route.

Best of all, the cleaning happens without disassembling CPAP.

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