What Will It Take To STOP Albino Killings In Malawi?

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An albino person has been killed in Zintambira village in Ntchewu last night.

A source said the victim was just a child at the age of 17 living with his parents. Residents discovered his body early this morning and reported to the police.

Gift Matewere the Ntchewu police public relations officer has confirmed the incident to the press saying police have rushed to the area.

According to Matewere, both legs and arms of the victim have been chopped off by the unknown thugs.

Albinos are living in great fear in Malawi, they are not considered as humans but animals that are brutally killed.

“Albinos are human just as everyone else, they have feelings. Why do they deserve to be treated in such a way? What on earth will it take to end the abuse and killings of innocent people? The United Nations must do something to stop this blood shed and save these innocent souls, measures must be taken to end this. ” A resident who first saw the dead body said to the press. “Malawi let’s hold hands and fight against albino killings. This is a cursing to our land.”


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