who is to blame for albino attacks??

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The question that has puzzled every Malawian following the current affairs is the rate of killings, abductions and bones exhuming of albinos in Malawi. Even when Malawians were celebrating Kamuzu day or the Blantyre mission clocking 125 anniversary, on the center of it all was albinos,albinos.

It all started with the opposition peoples party who last week stormed the media contradicting themselves. Spokesperson for the party Ken Msonda said, non-governmental organizations are doing nothing in helping government curb the barbaric acts towards albinos though they are flooding in almost all the 28 districts.

On the other hand the party interim president Uladi Mussa used the press to condemn government for not doing enough to end this recent wave of attacks. The reason is, this president does not relate to the poor Malawian in the villages no wonder they can handle and manage help albinos.” Mussa uttered these remarks on zodiak radio in a popular programme,tiwuzeni zowona (tell us the truth). Although the dramatic was when the general secretary for Blantyre synod Mr Mawulana addressed the anniversary with a speech,” we hope your government will not legalize same sex marriage,” Non the less APM said the church was silent when it came to condemn the albino attacks in Malawi ‘and they needed to do more.’ One thing is eminent, the laws of Malawi are outdated and need review as the penalties given to the people committing such atrocities are minimal.

However it is true collective effort from both the private and public sector is of priority to stop the noise of man killing his albino baby for wealth. The job cannot be left in the hands of association for people with albinism. Mr Muses,government or the clergy. Every Malawian has a duty here as over 16 killings have been recorded in a short period of time.

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