Why Is The Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari Still In London?

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President Mohammadu Buhari Still In London?

Mohammadu Buhari is a former military ruler of Nigeria, he is known for his so-called no-nonsense style leadership. He seems to appear as to be one of those attentions seeking celebrities who always want to be on the front page.

After he visited London for medical treatment, no news of him has since been published to Nigerians about his medical condition and return to Nigeria.
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His absence has seen a growing economic crisis in Africa’s most populous nation, which is facing recession and famine in the north-east, a growing breakaway protest from south-east for Biafra, and also the boko haram insurgency.

His silence since travelling to London has caused many speculations about his death, while some believe he has dementia and unable to remember a ‘thing’ after a failed operation. With all the growing rumour, the 74 years old President has failed to address his nation prompting many to brand him “the first Nigeria President living abroad”.

President Mohammadu Buhari Still In London?

Nigerians now rely on social media pictures of their President well being. The Nigeria government have also issued a statement saying “no cause for worry” as his medical treatment was only being extended.


Recently, there was a phone conversation between Buhari and the governor of the Kano which was played out loud at a prayer meeting. This has caused many Nigerians to question if they are been deceived or if Buhari cares about his religion more than the people who elected him into office?

Since Buhari was elected into office, he has constantly travelled to London for treatment of one illness to another making him the only President in Nigeria’s history to always travel abroad for treatment.

The officials have repeatedly refused to disclose his illness and are not telling Nigerians when he will return.

Buhari also handed power over to his Vice President Yemi Osinbajo before travelling to London.

In 2010, President Umaru Yar’Adua died in office, which had many speculations that he died abroad and was smuggled into Nigeria before he was pronounced dead. Many believe same politics will still play out with Mohammadu Buhari unless he speaks to fellow Nigerians soon.

There are also rumours about a phone call between Buhari and Donald Trump the US President which many Nigerians believe to be untrue.

Nigeria’s economy is in turmoil at the moment, making the currency to fall to its lowest in decades.

A bigger role to fall of the economy was due to the unrest in south-east by the Niger Delta Avengers and the Biafra protesters who promise to bring the Buhari led government down.

If Nigeria is to move forward “there should be transparency, honesty and legacy” says one anonymous protester.


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