Why Malawi Is Called The Warm Heart Of Africa

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Kaya Mawa beach in Likoma.

Wondering why Malawi is called the warm heart of Africa? If you want to know then you will have to visit the country and see for yourself.

For decades Malawi is said to be the warm heart of Africa, people travel to Malawi for various reasons either the (lake of malawi) which is the ninth largest lake in the world that is lined with small villages, white sandy beaches, resorts and jungles. The surrounding area of the lake hosts a beautiful place for wildlife, including hippos, crocodiles, monkeys and many more.

However, besides the amazing places Malawi has mostly visitors from other coutries continue to visit because of the overwhelming welcome they receive from the people they meet.

Malawians are extremely friendly, they have an amazing welcoming spirit that visitors from other countries love and appreciate where ever they go.

Visitors are welcomed with a smile, greeted with so much respect and treated as family this is the reason why Malawi was listed as the “Happiest Country In Africa”.

If you are thinking of visiting any African Country, come to Malawi!

Local lady with preserved fish

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