Widow Humiliated After Her Affairs With 5 Married Men Are Exposed

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A woman accused of bedding five men lost her property in an inferno which she claims was lit by a love rival. Gertrude Ndora of Ndora village had her hurt burnt a day after being confronted by a Nyazura businesswoman Winnet Matonhodze,50, of Chinembiri village over being in love with her latter’s husband.For the inferno Winnet appeared before headman Fungai Mupambawashe facing charge of burning Gertrude’s hut who she accused of bedding her husband Panganai Matonhodze.

The confrontation began in a commuter omnibus prompting Winnet to invite Getrude to her homestead where she questioned her over dating Panganai. It emerged during the trial that Getrude was bedding five married men including Matomhodze and it could not be established if Winnet was the one behind the burning of the hut a day after she confronted her.

“I am a widow and I feel embarrassed and belittled in the village when a respected woman like Winnet spread falsehoods in the village that I am dating married men,” said Gertrude.

“Is it a sin to be a widow? Are widows being taken as people of loose morals that whenever I walk married women find stories against us? It is very embarrassing that is the reason I wanted this court to hear my case. After Winnet mocked me in public over false allegations, I was left with no one to suspect for setting my hut on fire than her and I want her to show this court any evidence she has that I am bedding her husband. She undressed me with false allegations tarnishing my image in the society that everyone is poking fun at me following the incident. Winnet never caught me with her husband instead I am the one who told her that villagers are accusing me of dating five married men including her husband. Being single does not mean that I am prepared to date every man more so she is my mother and her husband is my father; we are related and I do not know if that relationship has been cut following the death of my husband,” said Gertrude.

Winnet admitted that she never caught Gertrude dating Matonhodze and had no evidence of the said illicit affair. She said she never set Gertrude’s hut on fire. “It is true that we are related and she is the one who came to inform me that villagers are accusing her of dating my husband and other married men from the village. I never set her hut on fire; since the day the hut was burnt I was attending to my daughter who gave birth in Rusape. It was prudent for Gertrude to approach me over the issue than rushing to take the matter before you changamire,” said Winnet.

Matonhodze interjected fuming over the case and threatened unspecified action against Getrude over taking the matter before headman Mupambawashe. “Changamire ndini Matonhodze wacho ari kutaurwa nezvake. Mai ava vauya nenyaya iyi vachazviona chete handingasvibisirwe ziita rangu kudaro,” said Matonhodze. “I am a businessman and what will all people who hear that I was brought before the headman over such malicious allegations think?” he added.

Headman Mupambawashe referred the matter to the kraal head Ndora and warned villagers over burning houses and veld fires. “Since you are related to each other I refer this case to the kraal head Ndora for counselling and if not satisfies you can bring it before me,” said headman Mupambawashe. “Let me take this opportunity to warn people over setting houses on fire and starting veld fires that the law will have no mercy to such people and every kraal head must report cases of fire as soon as possible,” he added.

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