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A 19-YEAR-OLD woman of Ndola’s Chipulukusu township who found her husband having sex with another woman under a tree has been divorced by him.

This is a matter where Peter Mwewa, 25, had sued Catharine Chilambo, 19, for divorce stating that she was disobedient to his orders. Bride price was paid and the couple have one child together.

Mwewa told Chipulukusu senior local court presiding magistrate Agness Mulenga that Chilambo had caused problems in their marriage as she had also been engaged in extra marital affairs stating that he at one time caught her sitting on the laps of a man only identified as ‘Lombe’ on their matrimonial bed.

But Chilambo told the court that Mwewa was the cause of all the problems in their marriage as he used to beat her up each time she refused to suck his manhood before having sex.

“Mwewa impregnated me in 2009, and when we started staying together, he used to demand that I suck his manhood, and when I refused, he could beat me up,” Chilambo said.

She told Ms Mulenga that Mwewa and herself had been on separation for two years after she caught him having sex with another woman under a tree.

Chilambo told Ms Mulenga that when she confronted Mwewa about it, he said he did not realize what he was doing as he was drunk and he chased her from their matrimonial home.

“He used to bring other women in our home when I was pregnant, saying am not the woman he wanted to marry, and when he sent me packing, he was summoned by my father but he refused saying that he had no time to talk to dogs,” she said.

Chilambo told the court that Mwewa had even threatened to poison her food so that she dies as he was tired of staying with her.

The court granted the couple divorce on the premise that Mwewa had shown clearly that he had lost in his wife.

Ms Mulenga ordered Mwewa to pay Chilambo K4000 as compensation,payable in monthly installments of K300 starting June 31.

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